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Astonishing community action helps clear The Meadows of litter

A GROUP of volunteers has helped clear litter on The Meadows area of the city, using the bags’ worth collected to mark out the number of people in Scotland who have died of Coronavirus.

Anger and frustration have greeted the litter left over the last couple of days by people gathering to enjoy the recent sunshine. It has led to, among other things, one local resident – communications consultant, Alex Orr – writing to local councillors and local MSP, Daniel Johnston, urging, among other things, The Meadows be better served with toilets and litter bins (that are more frequently emptied).

Social media has reacted with fury at people using nearby lanes and pathways to ‘relieve’ themselves.

A video posted on the video sharing platform, YouTube, shows the clean-up in action.

Reports the Edinburgh Evening News newspaper, the video has been made by Edinburgh videographer, Dode Allen. One of the clean-up organisers, local artist, Denny Hunter, is quoted, as saying: “We didn’t think anyone would turn out at five in the morning on a day that was supposed to rain but, low and behold, ten people turned up – along with Dode Allen, the filmmaker, and a bunch of press photographers.”

The number of deaths in Scotland from Coronavirus, at the start of today was 2,482.

Watch the video, here. Read the Edinburgh Evening News newspaper report, here. Meanwhile, read Alex Orr’s ‘Manifesto for The Meadows’, here, on the website of The Edinburgh Reporter.

Pictured: The Meadows during less riotous times.

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