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Call made for more distinctive architecture beyond the city centre

MORE distinctive architecture in Edinburgh’s suburbs has been called for by one of Scotland’s best-known journalists.

Mure Dickie, Scotland correspondent of the Financial Times, was speaking during an online debate – held on Thursday – about the state of the Scottish and local media and also local democracy.

He was joined by Euan McGrory, (print) editor Scotland for The Scotsman and the Edinburgh Evening News, Phyllis Stephen, founder and editor of The Edinburgh Reporter, and David Bol, political correspondent, The Herald.

The event was organised by Edinburgh World Heritage, and can be viewed, here. A report of the event can also be found here.

Said Mure: “One thing I find disappointing about Edinburgh since coming back [from working abroad] is that we haven’t sought to make new construction in areas outside the [Edinburgh’s World] heritage area more distinctive.

“We have just sort settled for nods in the direction of a kind of ‘Edinburgh Style’ – a bit of sandstone here and there, or maybe a bit of Scandinavian wood, and stuff – but there hasn’t been an effort to establish an aesthetic for all these new housing schemes, which are covering large parts of our city.

“It’s not too late for our politicians and planners to say, ‘Well, for Edinburgh to continue to be distinctive and special in the world, maybe we should try and have more distinctive design of the new buildings that we allow.'”

Pictured: Edinburgh World Heritage at The Tron

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