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Scots study confirms dominance of the car

AROUND a third of a city’s space is taken up by the car, a study has found.

The study – albeit of three locations in Scotland, not including Edinburgh (two in Glasgow and one in Dundee) has found that city space is “overwhelmingly dedicated to the car: roads, car parks and on-street parking cumulatively account for the highest proportion of space at each site. Across each case study, space dedicated to cars ranged between 34.5 per cent and 41 per cent.”

The conclusion can be found in a report, Stealing our Cities (here), published by the Scottish Parliament’s think tank, Scotland’s Futures Forum.

It adds: “Furthermore, the analysis showed that green spaces, public transport and cycling infrastructure are extremely lacking and appear to be of relatively low priority.”

The story is picked up by The Scotsman newspaper (here). Meanwhile, The Herald newspaper’s take (here) is woven into a report about a call for £150bn of capital investment towards making Scotland carbon-zero.

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