Waverley Bridge closes to vehicular traffic

WAVERLEY Bridge, just off Princes Street and next to Waverley rail station has been closed to vehicular traffic.

The move is part of widespread street closures and reconfigurations to make it possible for people to physically distance during the current Coronavirus pandemic, and to encourage more walking and cycling.

Notes the Edinburgh Evening News newspaper, the traffic infrastructure changes are “being implemented under new emergency delegated decision-making powers, which have come into force in response to the Coronavirus pandemic”.

It adds: “The powers enable the [city] council to make changes to city infrastructure without usual public consultation procedures taking place. However, an agreed five-day notification period with ward councillors, transport spokespeople, community councils and stakeholders – including Living Streets, Spokes, the Edinburgh Access Panel and RNIB – takes place prior to any new decisions being finalised.”

Read more, here.

Meanwhile, there are calls to urgently pedestrianise Victoria Street, to allow for al fresco dining, as local restaurants fear for their future during the current lockdown response to the pandemic. Read more, here, again in the Edinburgh Evening News.

Pictured: Waverley Bridge

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